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Boiler Descaling Chemicals

What is boiler descaling chemical?

Boiler descaler is a treatment chemical used to remove impurities and prevent scaling. A boiler descaling chemical is a substance that inhibits or retards corrosion when added to a metal surface or its surrounding environment. Also called corrosion inhibitor, its efficiency is determined by factors including but not limited to: fluid composition, water quantity, and flow regime. A high efficiency (90%-99%) is guaranteed if the correct inhibitor and quantity are chosen.

A boiler descaling chemical works in several mechanisms, depending on the conditions of the metal to be treated. One is by passivation, or the formation of a thin film on the surface of a material. It inhibits contact of the corrosive substance, thus preventing either oxidation or reduction. When material to be treated is already corroding, the treating chemical acts either by adsorption, which is molecular adhesion on the surface of a metal, or scavenging, which is inactivation of the dissolved oxygen.

Why is it important to apply boiler descaler to a system?

Regular application of boiler descaler prevents foaming and priming, which reduce boiler efficiency and accelerate tube failures.

Most industrial boilers are made of stainless steel. What is the best boiler descaler to use for this type?

Sulfamic acid is the most suitable and potent for stainless steel boilers.

What is sulfamic acid?

Sulfamic acid, or H3NSO3, is a white crystalline and water-soluble compound. It is used in the synthesis of artificial sweeteners, as a standard solution for alkalimetry, as an acid cleaner, as a nitrite removerl, and as a chlorine stabilizer for cooling towers.

Is sulfamic acid available at ChemWorld?

Yes. Sulfamic acid can be purchased as Q-CID S, which is specially formulated for water system cleaning and maintenance. Q-CID S is particularly effective at removing iron and water precipitates.

Is Q-CID S safe to use?

Yes, as long as precautions are followed. Q-CID S is approved by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) to be used for federally inspected meat and poultry processing plants.

How do you apply Q-CID S into the cleaning water system?

To apply, Q-CID S is usually added to cleaning water systems at a rate of one to ten percent depending on the amount of deposits to be removed. It is then recirculated to the system for two to eight hours. During this time, acid strength may also be monitored. Product can be heated as well to speed up chemical reaction and deposit removal. After water is drained and flushed, a neutralizing solution should be filled and circulated for at least an hour. This is done to ensure that remaining pockets of trapped acid solution are gone. The whole process ends with passivation to inhibit corrosion on metal surfaces.

What are the properties of Q-CID S?

Appearance: white granular powde

ChemWorld offers CLC 830, a descaling chemical specifically for closed- and open-looped stoves with minimal water loses. Product contains a highly concentrated liquid buffered nitrite, borate, and silicate inhibitor formulated for outdoor boilers, furnaces, and stoves. It is suitable for both hot and cold systems, and is compatible with glycol-based heat transfer fluids. Product comes in pink liquid. 

Features and Benefits:
* Can be used with either hard or soft water
* One gallon can treat approximately 500 gallons of make-up water
* Contains a dye indicator for ease of proper dosage detection
* Can be shot fed to the system
* Meets all D.O.T. shipping regulations

Product Feed and Control:

CLC 830 is shot fed directly from the shipping container. Feeders, piping, and valves should be made of steel, polyethylene, or PVC. Treatment control ranges vary depending on system operating conditions. Product is controlled by a nitrite test and should be handled by a technical specialist who will provide specific treatment control levels.

Storage and Handling:

Keep product in a tightly closed container. Store in a room with a temperature range of 10° - 40°C (50°-100°F) and keep product away from direct sunlight. Do not reuse empty container but dispose empty it in compliance with existing federal laws.



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